Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In July 1782 Joseph Brown wrote to David Howell of "the Ingury our Tellescope has receved in attempting to have the tarnish or rust taken off the metal speculums.#8221; In 1800 funds from Samuel Elam paid for the repair of the telescope and also for an orrery.Astronomy
  • The college was closed from December 1776 to May 1782, and no Commencements were held, although degrees were granted in 1777 and 1782.Commencement
  • Another son, Joshua, at the age of eighteen served in the American Navy in 1782 as surgeon’s mate on the "Duc de Lauzon."Edwards, Morgan
  • The College was closed from 1776 to 1782.Enrollment
  • On July 9 he had written of the move in a letter: After his graduation Foster became an attorney and served as Providence Town Clerk from 1775 to 1787, as Secretary of the Rhode Island Council of War from 1776 to 1781, and as Representative to the General Assembly from 1776 to 1782.Foster, Theodore
  • David Howell was a member of the Continental Congress from 1782 to 1785, associate justice of the supreme court of Rhode Island from 1786 to 1787, attorney general in 1789, and judge of the Rhode Island district court from 1812 until his death on July 30, 1824.Howell, David
  • There they remained until 1782, when the library, now returned to the College Edifice, was described by Manning in a letter to Samuel Stennett of London as "about five hundred volumes, most of which are both very ancient and very useless, as well as very ragged and unsightly."Library
  • A letter of Asher Robbins written in 1843 recalls the library in 1782, but his estimate of its size is at variance with Manning’s catalogue.Library
  • The Revolutionary War soon interrupted the life of the College, when the Edifice was taken over from December 7, 1776 to May 27, 1782, and used as barracks and as a hospital by American and French troops, and left in dilapidated condition.Manning, James
  • In 1815 Levi Wheaton 1782 was appointed professor of the theory and practice of physic.Medical education
  • In 1782 he received his degree, which he had requested on the basis of his service and continuing education during the war.Medical education
  • The Revolutionary War closed the college from December 1776 until September 1782.Revolutionary War
  • Solomon Drowne 1773, Philip Padelford 1773, Barnabas Binney 1774, Pardon Bowen 1775, and Levi Wheaton 1782 all served as surgeons.Revolutionary War
  • At its first meeting after the war, held on September 4 and 5, 1782, the Corporation granted degrees to seven students, appointed a committee to break the seal of the College bearing the portraits of the King and Queen of Great Britain, and ordered the return of the College Library.Revolutionary War
  • The first steward, Josias Arnold (1770 to 1773), was followed by William Holroyd (1773 to 1782) and Peregrine Foster (1782 to 1784).Steward
  • In 1811 he married his cousin Catharine Wheaton, who was the daughter of Levi Wheaton 1782.Wheaton, Henry
  • During the war Levi Wheaton served as a surgeon on a privateer which was captured in the fall of 1782, after which he was placed on surgical duty on the prison ship Falmouth.Wheaton, Levi
  • In 1782 Levi Wheaton wrote to the Brown Corporation, requesting a degree, which was granted.Wheaton, Levi