Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Shown are the College Edifice (now University Hall) with its original cupola and balustrade and two lightning rods, the president’s two-story house standing near the present location of Carrie Tower, the College well, and the stone wall which is probably the one which the Corporation records for 1777 note was built by President Manning.Campus
  • The college was closed from December 1776 to May 1782, and no Commencements were held, although degrees were granted in 1777 and 1782.Commencement
  • On May 17, 1777, another notice in the "Providence Gazette," announced that, there being no hope of reopening the College, students were advised to continue their studies elsewhere and seniors might report to the College for examinations and graduation.Revolutionary War
  • He was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general in February of 1777.Revolutionary War
  • He was taken prisoner and said to have died in Halifax in 1777.Revolutionary War