Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Solomon Drowne's old friend Theodore Foster 1770 had returned from two terms in the Senate and retired to the town of Foster, which had been named for him when it was separated from Scituate in 1781.Drowne, Solomon
  • On July 9 he had written of the move in a letter: After his graduation Foster became an attorney and served as Providence Town Clerk from 1775 to 1787, as Secretary of the Rhode Island Council of War from 1776 to 1781, and as Representative to the General Assembly from 1776 to 1782.Foster, Theodore
  • The event which made Foster’s name memorable was the division of the town of Scituate into two towns in 1781, probably to secure greater representation of the area in the General Assembly.Foster, Theodore
  • Solomon Drowne, after service in the Revolution, had received a bachelor of medicine degree from the College of Philadelphia in 1781.Medical education
  • After William Rogers ended his military service in June 1781, he was approached by three different churches (of three different denominations), but declined any appointment, preferring to supply destitute churches in the Philadelphia area.Rogers, William
  • In 1781 Benjamin West was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.West, Benjamin