Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In July 1782 Joseph Brown wrote to David Howell of "the Ingury our Tellescope has receved in attempting to have the tarnish or rust taken off the metal speculums.#8221; In 1800 funds from Samuel Elam paid for the repair of the telescope and also for an orrery.Astronomy
  • The first "Catalogue Of the Officers and Students of Rhode-Island College" was a broadside list dated October 1800, which listed Chancellor Jabez Bowen, President Jonathan Maxcy, two Professors, David Howell and Asa Messer, and three tutors, one of whom, Calvin Park, was also the librarian, followed by the names of the members of the four classes with their places of residence.Catalogues
  • The first printed "Catalogue of the Officers and Students" in 1800 listed the names and abodes of 107 students, of whom 74 were from Massachusetts, 22 from Rhode Island, four from South Carolina, four from Connecticut, two from Virginia, and one from New York.Enrollment
  • In 1800 he was joined in the Senate by his brother, Dwight Foster 1774.Foster, Theodore
  • A merchant in Providence, well known to the amateurs of this class of books, has in his own private collection three thousand two hundred and thirty-one early works upon America, published between the years 1700 and 1800, of which one thousand five hundred and twelve are not mentioned by Rich.John Carter Brown Library
  • He has also one thousand one hundred and seventy-four works published "previous" to the year 1700, of which five hundred and nine are not mentioned by Ternaux; thus making four thousand four hundred and five separate works relating to America and published previous to the year 1800, of which two thousand and twenty-one were unknown to the eminent American bibliographers, whose catalogues are described in this list."John Carter Brown Library
  • The second part, for the years 1601 to 1700, was published in 1866, and the third part, from 1701 to 1800, in 1870 and 1871.John Carter Brown Library
  • Calvin Park taught in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 1797 to 1800.Park, Calvin
  • In 1800 Calvin Park was licensed as a Congregationalist minister.Park, Calvin
  • Calvin Park was a tutor at the College from 1800 to 1804, librarian from 1800 to 1806, professor of learned languages from 1804 to 1811 and of moral philosophy and metaphysics from 1811 to 1825.Park, Calvin
  • Usher Parsons attended the village school and worked on his father’s farm, and in 1800 attended Berwick Academy for about a year.Parsons, Usher
  • On May 27, 1800 the College received from the Unitd States the sum of $2,779.13.Revolutionary War
  • Jonathan Russell was known as an orator, and his Fourth of July oration in 1800 in the First Baptist Church in Providence was published in a number of editions.Russell, Jonathan
  • Margaret B. Stillwell's many publications included "Incunabula and Americana, 1450-1800, A Key to Bibliographic Study" in 1931, and "Incunabula in American Libraries, A Second Census."Stillwell, Margaret B.