Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Meanwhile, an open letter to the Corporation by twenty-four Brown professors urged that the resignation not be accepted lest the reaction "would stamp this institution, in the eyes of the country, as one in which freedom of thought and expression is not permitted when it runs counter to the views generally accepted in the community or held by those from whom the University hopes to obtain financial support.&8221; Six hundred alumni signed petitions that requested the Corporation to "take action upon the resignation of President Andrews which will effectually refute the charge that reasonable liberty of utterance was, or ever is to be denied to any teacher of Brown University."Andrews, Elisha Benjamin
  • In July 1782 Joseph Brown wrote to David Howell of "the Ingury our Tellescope has receved in attempting to have the tarnish or rust taken off the metal speculums.#8221; In 1800 funds from Samuel Elam paid for the repair of the telescope and also for an orrery.Astronomy