Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In 1774 the assessors, one of whom was Joseph Brown, chose not to assess the president and professor, which action raised much dissent, but was sustained and continued to be followed.Charter
  • A year after his graduation, in September 1774, Drowne began the study of medicine at the College of Philadelphia.Drowne, Solomon
  • The Laws of 1774 required that each evening two students would "pronounce on the Stage," and the seniors and juniors would write a weekly "Dispute" on assigned topics.English
  • It was during his ministry that the Society resolved in February 1774 to build a meeting-house "for the publick Worship of Almighty GOD; and also for holding Commencement in."First Baptist Church
  • In 1800 he was joined in the Senate by his brother, Dwight Foster 1774.Foster, Theodore
  • Again in 1774 the Corporation planned another solicitation, appointing David Howell to go to Europe and William Rogers to the South.Fund-raising
  • The Corporation decided instead to return to soliciting funds in England, and began by awarding degrees to a number of English clergymen in 1773 and 1774.Fund-raising
  • Hopkins was a delegate to the Colonial Congress in Albany in 1754, the Colonial Congress in Boston in 1757, a member of the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1776, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.Hopkins, Stephen
  • Calvin Park (1774-1847), professor of languages and of moral philosophy, was born in Northbridge, Massachusetts, on September 11, 1774.Park, Calvin
  • One of the earliest examples is the valediction of Barnabas Binney 1774, pronounced at Commencement, when he bid farewell to the president, the professor, and his classmates.Poetry
  • Solomon Drowne 1773, Philip Padelford 1773, Barnabas Binney 1774, Pardon Bowen 1775, and Levi Wheaton 1782 all served as surgeons.Revolutionary War
  • In 1774 four delinquent students, John Hart 1776, Daniel Gano 1776, William Edwards 1776, and Walter Vigneron 1776, were publicly admonished for various "crimes," as being absent during study hours, spending time in idle entertainment, making noise, and moving a carpenter’s bench into the entry of the College Edifice.Student conduct