Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • The American Band played at Brown graduations from at least 1847, when Brown paid eighty dollars for its services.American Band
  • He came in the company of Willis Thomas 1877, the son of Benjamin C. Thomas 1847, who had as an undergraduate heard Adoniram Judson 1807 speak at Brown and decided that he also would become a missionary to Burma.Asians
  • Nathaniel French Davis (1847-1921), professor of mathematics, was born in Laconia, New Hampshire, on June 11, 1847.Davis, Nathaniel F.
  • Ten years after its establishment, in 1834, the Franklin Society was dissolved, its library of several hundred volumes was turned over to the College Library, and in 1847 its members were elected in equal proportions into the two older societies.Franklin Society
  • Beta Theta Pi established a chapter in 1847, Delta Kappa Epsilon in 1850, Zeta Psi in 1852, and Theta Delta Chi in 1853.Fraternities
  • On his graduation from Brown in 1847, Reuben A. Guild became assistant librarian, and in March 1848 succeeded his former teacher, Charles Coffin Jewett, as librarian.Guild, Reuben A.
  • In 1845-46 he added recitations in history for the senior class, and in the second term of 1847-48 "read lectures on American history to the senior class."History
  • Guild 1847.John Hay Library
  • Calvin Park (1774-1847), professor of languages and of moral philosophy, was born in Northbridge, Massachusetts, on September 11, 1774.Park, Calvin
  • Calvin Park died in Stoughton on January 5, 1847.Park, Calvin
  • On the further advice of Henry Barnard, in 1847 Tefft entered Brown.Tefft, Thomas A.
  • In 1847 Francis Wayland donated five hundred dollars to the town, which with an equal amount raised by subscription made it possible to open a free library in the town in August of 1850.Wayland, Francis
  • On his return to the United States in 1847 Henry Wheaton was offered a lectureship in civil and international law at Harvard, but was prevented by ill health from preparing his lectures.Wheaton, Henry