Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • He came in the company of Willis Thomas 1877, the son of Benjamin C. Thomas 1847, who had as an undergraduate heard Adoniram Judson 1807 speak at Brown and decided that he also would become a missionary to Burma.Asians
  • In 1807, in order to provide students with more time in the winter when they might earn money teaching in the district schools, the winter vacation was lengthened to eight weeks and the spring vacation was shortened to two weeks and began the third Wednesday of May.Calendar
  • Adoniram Judson 1807 did not even want the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree awarded to him in 1823 and refused to use the title "Doctor."Honorary degrees
  • Adoniram Judson entered Brown at sixteen and he graduated in 1807 as valedictorian of his class.Judson, Adoniram
  • Judson House was the name given in 1946 to the building at 117-119 George Street in honor of Adoniram Judson 1807.Judson House
  • William Bowen 1803, a fourth-generation physician in the Bowen family in America, had left Brown, graduated from Union College in 1803, and received his medical degree at Edinburgh in 1807.Medical education
  • Usher Parsons worked in stores in Portland and Wells, and in 1807 began the study of medicine with Dr. Abel Hall of Alfred.Parsons, Usher
  • Also pressed into service were Adams House at 10-12 George Street, (named for Vice-President James P. Adams), Hopkins House (the old "Arsdale" at 53 Waterman Street and named for Chancellor Stephen Hopkins), and Judson House, the former property of the Sisters of the Holy Nativity at 117-119 George Street (named for Adoniram Judson 1807).Student housing
  • Francis Wayland's father became a Baptist minister in 1807.Wayland, Francis