Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • The Laws of 1803 changed the dates of vacation to allow four weeks after Commencement, which occurred the first Wednesday in September, six weeks beginning the last Wednesday in December, and three weeks beginning the first Wednesday in May.Calendar
  • In 1803 a row of Lombardy poplars were planted by Ezekiel Robbins between the College edifice and the president’s house.Campus
  • The back of the president’s house is shown, along with the stone wall on the north side of the campus and the Lombardy poplars planted in 1803.Campus
  • Later annotations of the names of student actors indicate that "The Cheats of Scapin" was also performed sometime in 1791-92 and again by the Class of 1805 in the third term of 1803.Dramatics
  • He secured a charter for the Hartford Turnpike, which went through Foster, in 1803, and established the Foster Society Library in 1806.Foster, Theodore
  • In the beginning, there were three professors, Solomon Drowne 1773, professor of materia medica and botany, William Ingalls, professor of anatomy and surgery, and William Corlis Bowen 1803, professor of chemistry.Medical education
  • William Bowen 1803, a fourth-generation physician in the Bowen family in America, had left Brown, graduated from Union College in 1803, and received his medical degree at Edinburgh in 1807.Medical education
  • Again in September 1803 the Corporation voted that a donation of $5,000 within a year would entitle the donor to name the college.Name
  • Jesse Bolles served from 1803 to 1812, and Joseph Cady from 1812 to 1826.Steward
  • In the laws enacted by the Corporation in 1783, Chapter 3d, ("Concerning a religious, moral & decent conduct") were the following rules: This last rule was revised in the 1803 laws to specify as unnecessary noises, "running violently, hallooing, or rolling things in the entries or down the stairs."Student conduct
  • Resigning that office a few days before his death in 1803, because of his lameness which "will continue to render me a useless member of the Corporation," he urged the Corporation in his letter of resignation to find the means to establish a Professorship of English Oratory.Treasurer
  • When the modern cupola was removed, remnants of the eight-sided original cupola were revealed, with the names of two former students and their classes, "Amos Hopkins 1792" and "Henry D’Wolfe 1803," carved on one of its uprights.University Hall