Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • View of the COLLEGE in Providence, together with the PRESIDENT’S HOUSE & GARDENS," which was drawn by David Leonard 1792 and engraved by Samuel Hill of Boston.Campus
  • Solomon Drowne came back to Providence in 1792, but soon moved on to Union, Pennsylvania, and Morgantown, West Virginia.Drowne, Solomon
  • In 1792 the Corporation authorized the president to employ one of the students to ring the bell and to allow him tuition and room rent.Financial aid
  • Other Brown presidents who served as pastor were Jonathan Maxcy, who served for one year, 1791-1792, resigning when he became president of the college, and Francis Wayland, who was acting pastor from March 1857 to June 1858.First Baptist Church
  • In 1852 John Hay went to the college at Springfield, and in 1855 was sent to Brown, where his grandfather David Augustus Leonard had graduated in 1792.Hay, John
  • Upon the death of James Manning, Howell served as president "ad interim" until the election of Jonathan Maxcy in 1792.Howell, David
  • In September 1792 Jonathan Maxcy was elected president "pro tempore," being given a trial period because of his youth.Maxcy, Jonathan
  • Asa Messer was also librarian from 1792 to 1799.Messer, Asa
  • Asa Messer was licensed to preach by the First Baptist Church in Providence in 1792 and ordained in 1801, but was never a pastor.Messer, Asa
  • From 1783 to 1792 the Grammar School was conducted by William Wilkinson, first in the College Edifice until 1786, and thereafter again in the Brick School House.University Grammar School
  • New windows with small panes were installed, as were new chimneys, exact copies made of hand-moulded brick to simulate the chimneys shown in the print of the College Edifice which was produced in the 1790s from a drawing by David Leonard 1792.University Hall
  • When the modern cupola was removed, remnants of the eight-sided original cupola were revealed, with the names of two former students and their classes, "Amos Hopkins 1792" and "Henry D’Wolfe 1803," carved on one of its uprights.University Hall