Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Several months later Solomon Drowne delivered, on April 7, 1789, the address at the first anniversary of the settlement of Marietta.Drowne, Solomon
  • In 1783 there were only twelve, but then there began a steady growth to 23 in 1784, 68 in 1789, 83 in 1793, and 100 in 1798.Enrollment
  • David Howell was a member of the Continental Congress from 1782 to 1785, associate justice of the supreme court of Rhode Island from 1786 to 1787, attorney general in 1789, and judge of the Rhode Island district court from 1812 until his death on July 30, 1824.Howell, David
  • Jonathan Maxcy was baptized by President Manning in 1789, and licensed to preach by the First Baptist Church in Providence on April 1, 1790.Maxcy, Jonathan
  • An earlier effort in 1789 to establish a chapter at what was then Rhode Island College was denied by the Massachusetts Alpha at Harvard, because its committee of four tutors and one resident graduate considered the standards of the college so low as to admit "as Sophimores (sic) persons who would not rank as Freshmen at Cambridge."Phi Beta Kappa
  • In 1789 William Rogers was appointed professor of English and oratory in the College and Academy of Philadelphia (which became the University of Pennsylvania).Rogers, William