Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In 1790, Moses induced Samuel Slater to come to Rhode Island to start cotton manufacturing.Brown family
  • A number of the Brown family attended the University, among them Nicholas Brown 1786, for whom the college was named in 1804, and his brother, Moses Brown 1790, who died in 1791.Brown family
  • Leonard depicted the College at the time when he was a student, as it would have appeared to George Washington when he visited in 1790.Campus
  • Asa Messer was professor of learned languages from 1790 to 1796 before he became president, and presumably continued in that capacity until Calvin Park was named to that professorship in 1804.Classics
  • College and University presidents who have been educated at Brown include nine of the presidents of Brown: Jonathan Maxcy 1787, who was also the president of Union College and the University of South Carolina; Asa Messer 1790; Barnas Sears 1825, who had formerly been the president of Newton Theological Seminary; Alexis Caswell 1822; Ezekiel Gilman Robinson 1838, who had been president of Rochester Theological Seminary; Elisha Benjamin Andrews 1870, who had been president of Denison University and was later chancellor of the University of Nebraska; William Herbert Perry Faunce 1880; and Clarence Augustus Barbour 1888, who had also been president of Rochester Theological Seminary.College and University Presidents
  • Annual Commencements began again in the Baptist Church in 1786, and their traditional conviviality returned to the point that in 1790 the College asked the General Assembly to have the Sheriff of the County of Providence attend future Commencements "to preserve the peace, good order, and decorum," which he still does.Commencement
  • Romeo Elton (1790-1870), professor of Latin and Greek, was born in Burlington, Connecticut, in 1790, His father was a farmer, and in early life Romeo Elton, of frail constitution and gentle disposition, engaged in agricultural pursuits for which he was not particulary suited.Elton, Romeo
  • This happened in 1790.Federal Adelphi
  • In 1790 Theodore Foster was elected to the United States Senate.Foster, Theodore
  • Six presidents of the United States have received honorary degrees from Brown, although only one of them, George Washington, was in office at the time of the award in 1790.Honorary degrees
  • Jonathan Maxcy was baptized by President Manning in 1789, and licensed to preach by the First Baptist Church in Providence on April 1, 1790.Maxcy, Jonathan
  • Asa Messer prepared for college under Reverend Hezekiah Smith of Haverhill, Massachusetts, came to Rhode Island College as a sophomore, and graduated in 1790.Messer, Asa
  • Mention of a college "museum" had been made as early as 1790, when George Washington was reported to have been entertained with a visit to the museum.Museum of Natural History
  • Well before a formal program began, in 1785 Professor Benjamin Waterhouse gave a public lecture on natural history at the State House, and Professor Perez Fobes gave lectures on natural philosophy in 1790.University Extension
  • George Washington visited the College in August 1790.Washington, George
  • On August 19 Washington and his suite were escorted to the College by the students, and President Manning greeted him with an address in behalf of the Corporation: The references to the delayed exchange of congratulations were occasioned by the fact that Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution, having done so only on May 29, 1790 after several days of debate by the narrow margin of 34 affirmative votes to 32 negative.Washington, George
  • On October 10, 1932 the University celebrated the bicentennial of the birth of Washington by unveiling a plaque on University Hall commemorating his visit in 1790.Washington, George