Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Jasper Adams (1793-1841), professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, was born in East Medway, Massachusetts, August 27, 1793, prepared for college with Rev. Luther Wright, and graduated from Brown in 1815.Adams, Jasper
  • In 1793 John built the Washington Bridge.Brown family
  • In September 1793 Burges arrived in Providence and was admitted "after patient examination" (in the words of his biographer, Henry L. Bowen) to Rhode Island College.Burges, Tristam
  • In 1783 there were only twelve, but then there began a steady growth to 23 in 1784, 68 in 1789, 83 in 1793, and 100 in 1798.Enrollment
  • In 1793 Howell was appointed professor of law with the duties of taking care of the law books and lecturing at least once a year.Howell, David
  • According to the Laws of 1793, students were exposed to "Fennings Arithmetic, Hammonds Algebra, Stones Euclid, Martins Trigonometry, Loves Surveying, Wilsons Navigation," but not until the third year of their studies, the first two having been occupied largely by the Classics, rhetoric, and oratory.Mathematics
  • Paul Allen 1793 wrote "On leaving Rhode-Island College," and "The Pleasures of Literature," dedicated to the late President James Manning.Poetry