Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Zachariah Allen's article "On the Volume of the Niagara River" in 1844 provided the first calculation of the volume of Niagara Falls.Allen, Zachariah
  • Elisha Benjamin Andrews (1844-1917), eighth president of Brown University, was born in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, on January 10, 1844.Andrews, Elisha Benjamin
  • John Howard Appleton (1844-1930), professor of chemistry, was born in Portland, Maine, on February 3, 1844.Appleton, John Howard
  • Elisha Bartlett taught in nine schools, his appointments being professor of pathological anatomy and materia medica at the Berkshire Medical Institute in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1832, professor at Dartmouth in 1839, professor of the theory and practice of medicine at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky in 1841 and at the University of Maryland in 1844, professor of materia medica and obstetrics at Vermont Medical College in 1844 (he taught a course for thirteen weeks each year until 1854), and professor of the theory and practice of medicine at the University of Louisville in March 1849 for one session only, after which he went to the University of New York.Bartlett, Elisha
  • Elisha Bartlett traveled to Europe again in 1844-45.Bartlett, Elisha
  • In 1844 Elisha Bartlett wrote "An Essay on the Philosophy of Medicine."Bartlett, Elisha
  • The Cabinet at 68 Waterman Street, presently the home of the Graphic Services department, is a two-story stucco Greek revival building designed by James C. Bucklin and built in 1844 as the "Cabinet" of the Rhode Island Historical Society, the name of which is carved in stone above the entrance.Cabinet
  • The two classics professors of long standing in the nineteenth century were John Larkin Lincoln, who taught Latin from 1844 until 1891, and Albert Harkness, who taught Greek from 1855 to 1892.Classics
  • He came to Providence in 1844, hoping to get financial backing for his newly invented sewing machine (for which he had received his first patent on December 27, 1843) and to acquire some machine shop experience.Corliss-Brackett House
  • In 1840 John D’Wolf was appointed professor of chemistry at the McDowell Medical College in St. Louis, where he taught until 1844, still returning to Bristol in the summers.D’Wolf, John
  • In 1844 the Corporation voted, "That this Corporation disapproves of the establishment of Secret Societies by the Undergraduates of this University or of their participation therein and that the Faculty of the University be requested to adopt such measures as they may deem advisable for the suppression of said secret societies."Fraternities
  • John Kingsbury was named a trustee of the University in 1844, served on the committee to raise $125,000 for President Wayland’s "New System" in 1850, was appointed a fellow of the University in 1853 and at the same time appointed Secretary of the Corporation.Kingsbury, John
  • In 1844 John Larkin Lincoln was named assistant professor of Latin at Brown.Lincoln, John Larkin
  • Barnas Sears published "A Grammar of the German Language" in 1842, "The Ciceronian: or the Prussian Method of Teaching the Elements of the Latin Language" in 1844, and collaborated with others in "Classical Studies: Essays on Ancient Literature and Art" in 1843.Sears, Barnas
  • At seventeen Thomas A. Tefft began to keep school himself, and began to design one room schoolhouses as early as 1844.Tefft, Thomas A.