Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Elisha Bartlett taught in nine schools, his appointments being professor of pathological anatomy and materia medica at the Berkshire Medical Institute in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1832, professor at Dartmouth in 1839, professor of the theory and practice of medicine at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky in 1841 and at the University of Maryland in 1844, professor of materia medica and obstetrics at Vermont Medical College in 1844 (he taught a course for thirteen weeks each year until 1854), and professor of the theory and practice of medicine at the University of Louisville in March 1849 for one session only, after which he went to the University of New York.Bartlett, Elisha
  • Elisha Bartlett's other career was as a medical writer with the "Monthly Journal of Medical Literature and American Student’s Gazette" (of which there were only three issues), and "Medical Magazine" from 1832 to 1835.Bartlett, Elisha
  • 1832-33 was the last year that there was a vacation after Commencement.Calendar
  • In 1832 Commencement was again held in the First Congregational Church while the Meeting House was being repaired The Commencement of 1835 was poorly attended, as twenty-one members of the class, protesting the distribution of the speaking "parts," refused to receive their diplomas, leaving only three graduates.Commencement
  • Since 1776 all Commencements have been held there, except for those of 1804 and 1832.First Baptist Church
  • In 1832, on formation of the city government of Providence, Albert Gorton Greene was named clerk of the city council and also of the municipal court.Greene, Albert Gorton
  • Nathaniel Peter Hill (1832-1900), professor of chemistry, was born in Montgomery, New York, on February 18, 1832.Hill, Nathaniel P.
  • Alexander Lyman Holley (1832-1882), engineer and inventor, was born in Lakeville, Connecticut, on July 20, 1832.Holley, Alexander Lyman
  • On his return to Boston in 1832 Samuel Gridley Howe took two blind students into his father’s house and began to instruct them with the aid of his sister.Howe, Samuel Gridley
  • John Larkin Lincoln was baptized in the Federal Street Church on Sunday, October 7, 1832, and on Monday presented himself at Brown to be examined for admission.Lincoln, John Larkin
  • Marcy’s expenses for this special circuit were paid by the state, and Marcy, like a good former Comptroller, accounted for every expenditure, including, to his later embarrassment this item: "For mending my pantaloons, 50 cents," which was dug up by his political opponents to ridicule him during his campaign for governor in 1832.Marcy, William L.
  • In 1832 Usher Parsons built an office on Waterman Street.Parsons, Usher
  • The obligation of secrecy was removed in 1832.Phi Beta Kappa
  • Jonathan Russell (1771-1832), diplomat, was born in Providence on February 27, 1771, the son of Jonathan and Abigail (Russell) Russell.Russell, Jonathan
  • Jonathan Russell died in Boston on February 17, 1832.Russell, Jonathan