Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Kistler, Paul N.

Paul Norman Kistler (1894-1962), professor of engineering, was born in Steelton, Pennsylvania, on July 20, 1894. He received the degree of bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State College in 1920, and the master of science in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University in 1924. He worked for Bethlehem Steel Company and Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania before coming to Brown as assistant professor of engineering in 1926. He was named associate professor in 1935. From 1945 until his retirement in 1960 he was professor of mechanical engineering. As a pioneer in recognizing the hazards of air pollution, he made recommendations which were adopted locally and throughout the country. He was also called upon by the State of Rhode Island in 1936 to travel to Canton, Ohio, to inspect the new voting machines ordered for the state. He retired in 1960, and died two years later on November 17, 1962 in Providence.