Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Jasper Adams was a tutor at Brown during the year 1818-19, and in 1819 was named professor of mathematics and natural philosophy.Adams, Jasper
  • John Brown Francis 1818 (1841-1854) was Governor of Rhode Island and a United States Senator.Chancellors
  • William Patten 1818 (1867-1873), Benjamin F. Thomas 1830 (1874-1878) and Thomas Durfee 1846 (1879-1888) were all lawyers.Chancellors
  • In 1816 William L. Marcy was appointed Recorder of Troy, an office from which he was removed in 1818 after he criticized Governor DeWitt Clinton’s administration in the Albany "Argus."Marcy, William L.
  • He had studied medicine with Dr. John Warren of Boston, been a navy surgeon in the War of 1812, earned an M.D. degree at Harvard in 1818, and taught anatomy and surgery at Dartmouth from 1820 to 1822.Medical education
  • In 1818 Asa Messer was appointed a justice of the state supreme court, but declined, finding the appointment incompatible with his college office.Messer, Asa
  • In November of that year Usher Parsons began attending lectures at the medical school in Boston, and in March 1818 he received an M.D. degree from Harvard, having written his dissertation on "the epidemic pneumonia of 1812-1813, as it appeared about Lake Erie."Parsons, Usher
  • The Philophysian Society was formed by seven students who met on July 17, 1818 at No.Philophysian Society
  • From 1814 to 1818 Jonathan Russell was United States minister to Sweden and Norway.Russell, Jonathan
  • In 1818 Jonathan Russell was recalled from Sweden by James Monroe, and the next year he settled in Mendon, Massachusetts.Russell, Jonathan
  • Born in 1818, he had early in life been apprenticed as a wool sorter and had learned a great deal about machinery.Wilson Hall