Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Ames House, built about 1830 by Samuel Ames 1823 on the corner of Power and Brook Streets, was given to Brown in 1937 by Mrs. John Ormsbee Ames and Frank Mauran, Jr. Twenty-four rooms were remodeled to house thirty-eight graduate students who moved in the next year.Ames House
  • Tristam Burges had been a very popular member of the college, and the "Providence Journal" of September 30, 1830, commented on Wayland’s decision, "the public however entertained a different opinion.Burges, Tristam
  • George Ide Chace entered Brown in 1827 as a sophomore and graduated in 1830, at which time he delivered a Commencement address on "The Results of Improvements in the Science of Education."Chace, George Ide
  • William Patten 1818 (1867-1873), Benjamin F. Thomas 1830 (1874-1878) and Thomas Durfee 1846 (1879-1888) were all lawyers.Chancellors
  • The 1829-30 catalogue stated that the senior class "have used the treatise of Brande for a text-book," and the 1830-31 catalogue announced that the seniors had studied chemistry, among other subjects, under Professor Caswell, professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, using the treatise of Dr. Turner, and observing "experimental illustrations, twice or thrice a week, as the subject might demand."Chemistry
  • Public speaking was of utmost importance as students in college were often preparing themselves for the ministry or the law, and the Laws of 1783 saw to it that the students were not lacking in practice: By a vote of the Corporation in 1830 students could be admitted to the "partial course" without registering to study for a degree.Curriculum
  • In 1830 Kingsbury was among the founding members of the American Institute of Instruction, of which he was later vice-president for many years and president in 1856 and 1857.Kingsbury, John
  • In 1830 Horace Mann married Charlotte Messer, to whom he had been devoted since college days, when she was the ten-year-old daughter of President Messer.Mann, Horace
  • Phi Beta Kappa admitted the Rhode Island Alpha chapter at Brown University in 1830.Phi Beta Kappa
  • On July 21, 1830, the charter members named four foundation members, William G. Goddard 1812, Romeo Elton 1813, Alexis Caswell 1822, and George Burgess 1826, to assist in the organization of the chapter.Phi Beta Kappa
  • On August 14, 1830 eighty of the living graduates of Brown, whose scholarship records qualified them, were elected to membership in Rhode Island Alpha.Phi Beta Kappa