Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Samuel Jones (1735-1814), prominent member of the Philadelphia Association instrumental in the founding of the College, was born in 1735 and educated at Hopewell Academy.Jones, Samuel
  • Samuel Jones died on February 7, 1814.Jones, Samuel
  • Horace Mann is listed as a freshman in the "Catalogue of Officers and Students of Brown University" in October 1814, but apparently left, probably because of illness, as the next year’s "Catalogue" includes his name as a sophomore with the note, "Left college since the catalogue of 1814."Mann, Horace
  • Usher Parsons would gladly have attended a second course, but, being unable to afford this, he took the occasion to reconsider his life: He was promoted to the rank of surgeon on April 15, 1814.Parsons, Usher
  • From 1814 to 1818 Jonathan Russell was United States minister to Sweden and Norway.Russell, Jonathan
  • In 1814 Benjamin Waterhouse was forced to resign his Harvard professorship, after his opposition to the plan to establish the Medical School in Boston and his attempt to start a rival medical school.Waterhouse, Benjamin
  • Francis Wayland studied medicine in Troy, and in the winter of 1814-15 attended medical lectures in New York City.Wayland, Francis