Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In 1817 Tristam Burges was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, but was removed after one year when the democratic party came into power.Burges, Tristam
  • In 1817 John D’Wolf was appointed professor of chemistry.Chemistry
  • He was born in Easton, New York, in 1817.Corliss-Brackett House
  • John D’Wolf was appointed professor of chemistry in 1817 in association with the Medical School in the position left vacant since 1813 when it was resigned by Dr. William C. Bowen.D’Wolf, John
  • Romeo Elton was ordained in 1817 and became minister of the Second Baptist church in Newport.Elton, Romeo
  • John Larkin Lincoln (1817-1891), professor of Latin, was born in Boston on February 23, 1817.Lincoln, John Larkin
  • It is said to have cost $18,500, and is an exact model, though twice the size, of the temple of Diana-Propylea in Eleusis, the plan having been obtained from a work published in 1817, entitled "The Unedited Antiquities of Attica, comprising the Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, and Thericus."Manning Hall
  • Providence physician John Mathewson Eddy, to whom Brown awarded an honorary M.D. degree in 1815, was adjunct professor of anatomy and surgery from 1815 until his death in 1817.Medical education
  • During 1815 and 1816 he was attached to the frigate Java under Commodore Perry, which served in the Mediterranean, and returned to Newport in March 1817, bearing a new treaty with Algiers and eighteen mild cases of smallpox, which Parsons had induced through inoculation with the small pox virus to prevent more serious illness.Parsons, Usher
  • In July 1817 Parsons came to Providence and boarded with Major Samuel McClellan.Parsons, Usher
  • In 1817 President Asa Messer was forced to to discipline eight students for burning the privy, noting that it was "not a small thing to alarm in the night, and by the cry of fire 10 to 12 thousand People."Student conduct
  • Francis Wayland was a tutor at Union College from 1817 to 1821, coming under the influence of President Eliphalet Nott, and in 1821 was called as minister of the First Baptist Church in Boston.Wayland, Francis
  • Alva Woods graduated from Harvard in 1817 and entered the Theological Seminary at Andover.Woods, Alva