Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Tristam Burges began a course of lectures in 1821.Burges, Tristam
  • Six graduates have been president of Colby College; Jeremiah Chaplin 1799, Rufus Babcock 1821, Eliphaz Fay 1821, James Tifft Champlin 1834, Charles Lincoln White 1887, and Benaiah Longley Whitman 1887.College and University Presidents
  • In 1821 he began a course of lectures.English
  • The 152 students, fifty of them freshmen, who enrolled in 1821, called for the building of a new dormitory, and Hope College was built the following year.Enrollment
  • When it was raised again, it was placed on a base erected by the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association as a memorial to Samuel Gridley Howe 1821, who was surgeon-in-chief of the Greek fleet during the Greek War of Independence, 1820-1829.Flagpole
  • In 1821 a committee of the Corporation had been appointed to consider erecting another building and was authorized to select a suitable site and solicit donations.Hope College
  • The Greek War of Independence had started in 1821, and Howe, fresh out out Medical School and inspired by Lord Byron, took some fencing lessons and offered himself as surgeon/soldier to the Greek cause.Howe, Samuel Gridley
  • In 1821 Horace Mann entered the law school of Judge James Gould at Litchfield, Connecticut.Mann, Horace
  • Marcy was appointed Adjutant General of New York in 1821 and State Comptroller in 1823.Marcy, William L.
  • In April 1820 there was a powerful religious revival in Providence, which spread to the students and brought about a prayer meeting attended by the whole student body, the conversion of many, and in February 1821 the formation of the Religious Society of Brown University as a successor to the Praying Society.Religious Societies
  • After his one term in the United States House of Representatives, from 1821 to 1823, Russell retired from public life.Russell, Jonathan
  • Francis Wayland was a tutor at Union College from 1817 to 1821, coming under the influence of President Eliphalet Nott, and in 1821 was called as minister of the First Baptist Church in Boston.Wayland, Francis
  • Henry Wheaton was a member of the New York State constitutional convention of 1821, served one term in the New York Assembly, and ran unsuccessfully for the United States Senate.Wheaton, Henry
  • In January 1819 Alva Woods took a year off to teach at the Academy, then returned to finish the three-year course at the Seminary in September 1821.Woods, Alva
  • Alva Woods was ordained in October 1821.Woods, Alva