Encyclopedia Brunoniana


The Provost was originally a general executive officer for the University taking over the main duties of administrative management in order to free the president for matters of policy and special projects. The office was created in June 1949 by the Advisory and Executive Committee. The first provost was Samuel T. Arnold, who had formerly been Dean of the University. Zenas Bliss was appointed after the death of Arnold, and the post was vacant from the retirement of Bliss in June 1965 until the appointment of Merton Stoltz after the arrival of President Heffner in 1966. The present Provost is the senior academic officer of the University, in charge of libraries, computing, and other academic areas including administration and budgets of various deans. In 1978, when Maurice Glicksman assumed the office of provost, he continued with many of his former responsibilities as Dean of the Faculty and Academic Affairs, and was given a new title, Provost and Dean of the Faculty.

The Provosts of Brown have been:

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