Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • The Nightingale-Brown House, a National Historic Landmark and home to five generations of the Brown family, was given to the University in 1995 as a museum and study center for scholars.Brown family
  • The goal of the campaign is to reendow the University by raising $450 million by the end of 1995, for the support of the following areas: $110 million for faculty endowment and graduate fellowships, $40 million for undergraduate scholarships, $25 million for the libraries, $90 million for academic support (programs, centers, institutes, curriculum), $15 million for national outreach initiatives, $50 million for the School of Medicine, $10 million for athletics endowment, $55 million for new and renovated facilities, and $55 million for the Brown Annual Fund.Fund-raising
  • The Provosts of Brown have been: [Updated June 1, 2015]Provost