Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Owl and Ring

Owl and Ring was founded in 1926 as a discussion group which evolved into a senior honorary society. Reports that the society was dedicated to promoting separate Brown and Pembroke commencements were denied in 1933, but surfaced again in 1935 in Bear Facts, which added, “In spite of the impressive name, nothing further has been heard of this organization except once a year at the final Class Sing in May, when new members are tapped by the outgoing berobed owls.” Two years later Bear Facts stated that the organization had been started as a “hoax” and that the membership included both Brown and Pembroke students. In 1939-40 the society was enlarged and given definite functions, including the guardianship of the bear mascot and the direction of the Campus Sing and the Senior Frolic. In September 1941 Owl and Ring was disbanded by the Cammarian Club for failing to live up to its resonsibilities.