Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In February 1767 Edwards left for England and Ireland to solicit funds for the college.Edwards, Morgan
  • One popular way of raising money was a lottery, and an item in the "Newport Mercury" for September 28 to October 5, 1767 announced that the General Assembly of the Colony of Rhode Island had approved a lottery to raise 150 pounds lawful money "to be applied toward finishing the Parsonage House belonging to the Baptist Church in Warren, and rendering it commodious for the Reception of the Pupils who are, or shall be, placed there for a liberal Education."Fund-raising
  • Although the academy lasted only until 1767, many Baptist ministers, as well as some who entered other professions, received the rudiments of an education there.Hopewell Academy
  • James Manning to Rhode Island College June 17th, 1767."Library
  • Morgan Edwards, soliciting funds in England and Ireland in 1767 and 1768, was also given books for the library.Library
  • Manning was the only professor until 1767, when the increase in students presented a need for an additional instructor.Manning, James
  • The first treasurer, John Tillinghast, served until 1767, and was followed by Job Bennett from 1767 to 1775.Treasurer