Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In 1768 Morgan Edwards, who was collecting subscriptions in England, was instructed to purchase a telescope.Astronomy
  • Morgan Edwards wrote to President Manning on April 26, 1768, "My patience, my feet and my assurance are much impaired.Edwards, Morgan
  • In 1768 the faculty was doubled by the appointment of David Howell, a 1766 graduate of New Jersey College (Princeton) as a tutor.Faculty
  • In November 1766 Morgan Edwards was authorized to go to Europe to solicit benefactions and returned in 1768, having collected about $4,300.Fund-raising
  • Stephen Hopkins was chief justice of the court of common pleas and chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and was elected nine times as governor of Rhode Island between 1755 and 1768.Hopkins, Stephen
  • In 1768 David Howell was appointed a tutor at the College to assist Manning at a "Salary of Seventy two Pounds Lawful Money," and was "authorized to collect the Tuition Money as it became due as part of his Salary."Howell, David
  • David Howell had been admitted to the bar in 1768.Howell, David
  • Morgan Edwards, soliciting funds in England and Ireland in 1767 and 1768, was also given books for the library.Library
  • Jonathan Maxcy (1768-1820), second president of Brown University, was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts on September 2, 1768.Maxcy, Jonathan
  • For a Boston edition of the almanac, West took the name Bickerstaff, originated by Jonathan Swift, for his title, "Bickerstaff’s Boston Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1768."West, Benjamin