Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Salomon Center for Teaching

The Salomon Center for Teaching, which has for its full name the Richard and Edna Salomon Center for Teaching, was dedicated on May 6, 1989. The building was constructed over a three-year period by first razing the addition at the rear of Rogers Hall, and building a much-enlarged modern addition. The old Rogers Hall, which was built as the chemical laboratory in 1862, became a large entrance lobby connected to the new building which houses a main auditorium for 576 persons on the first level, and below another auditorium for 220. There are also four smaller classrooms. The new building was designed by Goody, Clancy and Associates of Boston in a style consistent with the facade of the old building. Ernest L. Boyer, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and principal speaker at the dedication, praised the Center which “reaffirms Brown’s deep commitment to undergraduate Education, and most especially reaffirms the dignity of teaching.” Salomon, one of the principal benefactors of the University, preferred that his gifts be anonymous, but was persuaded by President Swearer to allow the $5-million Center which was one of his gifts to be named for him and his wife.