Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Pembroke Record

The Pembroke Record superseded the Sepiad Supplement, a newspaper which had been published by the Sepiad Board since November 1919. The title was changed to The Record in December 1922, and to The Pembroke Record in 1931. Publication was suspended from August 1943 to October 1945, when the Record and the Brown Daily Herald joined in the weekly publication of the Brown Herald-Record. The Record resumed weekly publication on November 16, 1945. It continued to be published through the 1960s, even after women were admitted to the staff of the Brown Daily Herald. In 1968-69, its final year, the paper changed its title to Record (no longer Pembroke Record), its format to tabloid size with “Record” in large ornamental letters, and its content to feature articles with occasional poetry and reviews. The last issue, printed on May 5, 1970, in its first page under the words “Save the Record!” in triplicate, announced that the Record would no longer be funded by Pembroke College and appealed for supporters to sign and return a coupon urging continuation of the Record. That was not to be.