Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Sepiad was the literary magazine of the Women’s College, which first appeared in April 1901, brought forth by the efforts of Florence Rafter ’01, the first editor, Jessie Wheeler ’01, and Grace Jones ’01. The name of the publication was inspired by a poem by Professor Courtney Langdon in the Brunonian of December 3, 1892, “The Sepiades,” which he called

“A fairer name
“Than Adjunctivas or Co-Eds.”
for the newly arrived women students. A less than chivalrous review in the Brown Daily Herald suggested “Sleepy-’ead” as an appropriate name. The magazine contained essays, fiction, and poetry by the women students, along with the departments “College Notes,” “Free Press,” and “Alumnae Notes.” It came out monthly in 1901-1902, quarterly from 1902 to 1928, and irregularly from 1929 to its end in 1932. On November 18, 1919 a small newspaper called Sepiad Supplement was issued after gaining the approval of a mass meeting of Student Government Association. This new publication served the purpose of removing the college news and the departments and allowing the Sepiad to become a literary magazine. Five issues were published the first year. The next year the Sepiad Supplement came out about every three weeks, and by 1922 it became a newspaper in its own right, changing its title to The Record.