Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Mitchell, Matthew C.

Matthew Cargill Mitchell (1888-1969), professor of political science, was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, on July 15, 1888. He graduated from Geneva College in 1911, and taught high school in Twin Falls, Idaho, where he also became a school principal and superintendent of schools. After earning his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1926, he came to Brown as assistant professor of political science. He became chairman of the department in 1928, and was named associate professor in 1931 and professor in 1949. He retired in 1952. He served on many local boards, among them the Rhode Island Commission to Encourage Morality, the advisory council to the University of Rhode Island Bureau of Government Research and Governor’s Committee on State Goals, and was secretary of the Mayor’s Special Committee on Education in 1967. He was still active in retirement. He died in Providence on April 16, 1969, after leaving a meeting of the Rhode Island Council of Churches.