Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Erasmians was an organization founded in 1930 by Professor Robert P. Casey. Its constitution stated, “We believe that an organization, the personnel of which shall be chosen from the entire student body according to the prospective candidate’s respective merits should exist for the purpose of furthering social intercourse, and the advantages derived therefrom, among men who’s (sic) walks of life would otherwise be diverse.” The purpose was to be achieved by debates and discussions “for enjoyment (both intellectual and humorous) of the members.” The officers of the club were called the Lord Abbot, the Chancellor Historian and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the governing board was known as the “bench.” As restated in the 1935 Liber Brunensis, the purpose of the members was to “form a miniature parliament ... to give training in unprepared speech,” which they did until World War II interrupted such activities.