Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Champlin and Morriss Halls

Champlin and Morriss Halls, the first two units in a planned dormitory and dining quadrangle for Pembroke College, were dedicated on October 28, 1960. The dormitories, designed by Robert C. Dean of Perry, Shaw, Hepburn and Dean and built by J. L. Marshall and Sons, provided housing for 162 women students representing all four classes. Professors John A. Dillon and Walter J. Kenworthy and their families also moved in as Pembroke’s first resident fellows. In addition to dormitory space, Champlin Hall had a health center on its first floor and Morriss Hall had a rooftop art studio and a sun deck. Champlin Hall was named for George B. Champlin, Providence jewelry manufacturer, in recognition of a gift of $250,000 in his memory given by his family. Morriss Hall was named for Margaret S. Morriss, dean of the Women’s College and Pembroke College from 1923 to 1950.