Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Brunonia, “a magazine published by the men and women students of Brown University and published with the cooperation of the English department” began with a Commencement issue in 1946. This literary quarterly contains the early efforts of such writers as Howard Hunt ’40, Charles Philbrick ’44, Alan Marcus ’43, Winfield Scott ’31, Hilary Masters ’52, William Dyer ’24, Peter Vierick, and William P. Kelley ’55, and is also sprinkled with drawings and cartoons by student artists. One cartoon by John Willenbecker ’58 which first appeared in Brunonia was bought and printed by Punch, the British humour magazine. The last issue of Brunonia came out in the spring of 1960, after which the magazine changed its name to Brown Review and decided to devote itself entirely to literary areas, giving up pictorial and humorous endeavors.