Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Brownies was an all-college society of the Women’s College founded in 1904 to promote college spirit and to foster the relationship between the undergraduates and the alumnae by social activities such as dances, stunts, and May Day festivities. A Brownie “stunt” might be a Hallowe’en party or a play written by a student. In the beginning meetings were held every two weeks at Slater Memorial Homestead until the residents of the dormitory objected to their frequent presence, at which time they were obliged to rent Pembroke Hall for meetings and could afford to meet only once a month. The Brownies continued to sponsor parties, athletic events, and dramatic presentations, and fostered class spirit at an interclass stunt night. In 1956, when Brown and Pembroke began to cooperate in social activities, the name of the society was changed to the Pembroke Social Organization.