Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Brown-in-China was an effort on the part of Brown to support a school of Social Science at Shanghai College in China. It was initiated by Daniel H. Kulp ’13 in 1921 after he had spent six years at the College. His plan was approved by the president, alumni representatives and the Cammarian Club. Brown assisted in the support of Kulp as a teacher in Shanghai. In 1921-22 Professor James Q. Dealey spent a semester teaching at Shanghai College, and in 1923-24 Professor Harold S. Bucklin spent a year there, while Kulp spent the year at Brown, teaching and studying. A pamphlet prepared by Bucklin, “A Social Survey of Sung-ka-Hong,” was printed in both English and Chinese. The Department of Sociology of Shanghai College started the Yangtszepoo Social Center with Kulp as director in the factory district of Shanghai. The self-supporting center had a budget of $20,000 and a staff of three Americans and thirteen Chinese workers. Herbert D. Lamson ’24 joined the Brown-in-China effort in social work and teaching in Shanghai in 1926, but returned in the spring of 1927 because of unsettled conditions in China.