Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Brown Literary Quarterly

The Brown Literary Quarterly came out in December 1928, brought forth by the University Manuscript Club, formerly the English Club, stating its purpose β€œto present to you four times during the college year the best that is written in verse and prose among the undergraduates, faculty and alumni of Brown University ... It has no flair for the sensational and erotic, and it likewise has no leaning toward the dull and trite. It will not smack of the lamp, but it does hope that the beams of the lamp may light its pages.” The English Department gave its moral and financial support to this suitable outlet for literary activity. The Quarterly was last published in May, 1930, when it was decided to enlarge it into a publication of statewide interest, which was named Town and Gown. During its short life the Quarterly published the early writings of Winfield T. Scott ’31, J. Saunders Redding ’28, and Percy Marks.