Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Andrews House

Andrews House, at 13 Brown Street, was opened on January 4, 1939, as a 50-bed infirmary, replacing the former infirmary at 10 Manning Street. The property had been purchased in 1922 and used as the Faculty Club since that time. The 29-room mansion, of which Ogden Codman of New York was the architect, was erected in 1901 for James Coats and was later the residence of Alfred P. Coats, textile manufacturer. It served as the Governor’s Mansion during the administration of R. Livingston Beekman, Governor of Rhode Island from 1915 to 1921, who resided there in the English splendor he so much admired. The remodelling as an infirmary was made possible through the gift of $330,000 by Charles Henry Hare 1885 and $60,000 from other sources. Andrews House was chosen as the name of the remodeled building in honor of President E. Benjamin Andrews, because, since the abandonment of Andrews Field as the athletic field at Brown, there was no physical structure on the campus to honor his memory.