Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • James Andrews DeWolf 1861 had been appointed Psi Upsilon’s editor for the paper and had been urged to write a poem.Alma Mater
  • In 1860 and 1861 the title of the paper was the "Brunonian."Brown Paper
  • Excerpts from the diary of Henry S. Burrage 1861 recorded the events at Brown occasioned by the attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861: On the day before Commencement in 1866 a tablet in memory of the twenty-one Union Brown men who died in the war was dedicated.Civil War
  • James Quayle Dealey (1861-1937), professor of social and political science, was born in Manchester, England, on August 13, 1861.Dealey, James Q.
  • Horatio B. Hackett contributed thirty articles to William Smith’s "Dictionary of the Bible," published in England in 1861-63, and in 1866 began an American edition of Smith’s "Dictionary," which was published between 1867 and 1870.Hackett, Horatio B.
  • Walter Ballou Jacobs (1861-1932), professor of education, was born in Providence on May 5, 1861.Jacobs, Walter B.
  • William Williams Keen had his practical training in surgery with Brinton, who recommended him as surgeon for the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment in July 1861.Keen, William Williams
  • William Williams Keen cared for the wounded at the Battle of Bull Run and was discharged soon afterward when the enlistment of his regiment expired in September 1861.Keen, William Williams
  • Courtney Langdon (1861-1924), professor of modern languages, was born in Rome on January 18, 1861, the son of William Chauncy Langdon, an Episcopal clergyman, who was at that time chaplain of the American delegation in Rome.Langdon, Courtney
  • German was taught by a native instructor in 1861-62, then by President Barnas Sears until his retirement in 1866, after which German was added to the duties of John Larkin Lincoln, professor of Latin.Modern Languages
  • Richard Olney joined the law firm of Benjamin F. Thomas of Boston, and married Thomas’ daughter in 1861.Olney, Richard
  • Alpheus S. Packard graduated from Bowdoin in 1861.Packard, Alpheus S.
  • The "Cambridge Scientific School" was the Lawrence Scientific School at Harvard, where Packard went in 1861 to study with Agassiz, earning his tuition by taking care of insects, and other funds by working in the museum.Packard, Alpheus S.
  • The crew consisted of Adoniram Brown Judson 1859, Elnathan Judson 1859, Edward H. Sears 1862, Charles H. Perry 1859, Charles D. Cady 1861, and Pardon S. Jastram 1860.Rowing
  • Lorenzo Sears graduated from Yale in 1861 and from the General Theological Seminary in New York in 1864.Sears, Lorenzo
  • With student singers in mind James A. DeWolf 1861 wrote for the "Brown Paper" of 1860 a song called "Old Brown," which was renamed "Alma Mater" in 1869, and is well known.Songs
  • Lester turned to teaching school and studied at Susquehanna Collegiate Institute at Towanda from January 1861 to June 1862.Ward, Lester F.