Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Zachariah Allen invented the automatic cut-off valve, which was patented in 1833.Allen, Zachariah
  • James Burrill Angell began to write editorials for the "Providence Journal" at the request of Senator Henry Bowen Anthony 1833 and was offered the editorship of the paper in 1860.Angell, James Burrill
  • As Moses Brown said in a letter to President Wayland in 1833, discussing the relocation of the college from Warren to Providence, "Thou may see by this, our family had an interest in promoting the Institution now called Brown University, besides the purchase of the name by my worthy nephew Nicholas."Brown family
  • George Ide Chace was appointed adjunct professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in 1833, and professor of chemistry in 1834.Chace, George Ide
  • In 1833-34 George Ide Chace was appointed adjunct professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, and the next year professor of chemistry.Chemistry
  • Albert Gorton Greene was a leader in Providence literary circles, a friend of Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman, a book collector, and editor of "The Literary Journal and Weekly Register of Science and the Arts" during the one year of its existence in 1833-34.Greene, Albert Gorton
  • Samuel Stillman Greene entered Brown in the fall of 1833 at the age of twenty-three and found himself ill prepared for college, but he used his vacation to catch up and graduated with the highest honors of his class in 1837.Greene, Samuel Stillman
  • One of these is the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays, which was bequeathed to the University in 1884 by Senator Henry Bowen Anthony 1833.Library
  • John Larkin Lincoln joined the Society of Missionary Inquiry in May 1833 and noted in January 1834, "Commenced a practice of meeting with three of my classmates who are pious ... three times a week for religious conversation and prayer."Lincoln, John Larkin
  • On May 26, 1833, John Larkin Lincoln recorded President Andrew Jackson’s visit to Providence, "He arrived in the morning and was welcomed cordially by the citizens, and was brought into the city in a barouche amidst the shouts of the spectators.Lincoln, John Larkin
  • William L. Marcy was elected to the United States Senate in 1831 and served until his resignation in 1833 to take office as Governor, just long enough to make another quotable faux pas.Marcy, William L.
  • John Larkin Lincoln 1836 wrote in his diary on May 15, 1833, "Joined the Society of Inquiry to-night by a relation of my experience ...Religious Societies
  • President Wayland in his report to the Corporation on September 3, 1833, almost thirty years after the change of name from Rhode Island College to Brown University had taken place, pointed out that the seal had never been changed to bear the new name.Seal
  • Barnas Sears was appointed professor of biblical theology, for which he prepared himself by study in Germany from 1833 to 1835.Sears, Barnas