Encyclopedia Brunoniana

William Rogers Award

The William Rogers Award, was established by the Associated Alumni in 1984 to honor alumni who have used their careers to make significant contributions to humanity. The first recipient was Augustus A. White ’57, surgeon-in-chief at Beth Israel Hospital. The second, in 1985, was Byron Lichtenberg ’69, the first civilian scientist to travel in space. In 1986 the award was presented to Kurt Luedtke ’61, screenplay writer and former editor of the Detroit Free Press. Samuel Nabrit, the first African American to receive a doctorate from Brown, was honored in 1987. The award was presented in 1988 to NBC economics correspondent Irving R. Levine ’44, in 1989 to Aaron T. Beck ’42, the founder of cognitive therapy, in 1990 to Kathryn S. Fuller ’68, president of the World Wildlife Fund, and in 1991 to Linda Mason ’64, executive producer of CBS News.