Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Whitehall was built in 1946 behind Marston Hall on Brook Street to fill as quickly as possible the need for more classroom space required by the postwar increase in enrollment. Designed by Thomas Mott Shaw of Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn, and built by Gilbane Building Company, the three story classroom building with a capacity of 870 students was begun on June 13 and occupied on November 4. As it was necessary to make use of the building material available, the exterior was finished with white brick and glass brick and the cement floors were covered with rubber tile. Whitehall had its critics from the beginning because of it modern construction, but it gained prestige by winning a “Best Utilization of Materials Award.” After use for many classes, Whitehall was closed on June 30, 1975, and was torn down to make way for the Center for Information Technology building.