Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Seth, James

James Seth (1860-1924), professor of philosophy, was born in Edinburgh in 1860, was educated at George Watson’s College, and received a master of arts degree from the University of Edinburgh in 1881. He studied at Free Church College and was licensed by the Presbytery of Edinburgh. He studied at the Universities of Leipzig, Jena, and Berlin, and in 1883 became assistant to Professor Campbell Fraser in Edinburgh. In 1885 he was appointed professor of philosophy at Dalhousie College. He was appointed associate professor of natural theology at Brown in 1892, and professor of philosophy and natural theology in 1894. He did not stay long, leaving in 1896 to become professor of moral philosophy at Cornell. In 1898 he returned to the University of Edinburgh to occupy the chair of moral philosophy for 26 years. In April 1899 he returned to Brown for the annual public lecture of the Philosophical Club, to speak on “Philosophy and Poetry.” He died in Edinburgh on July 25, 1924. His brother wrote to President Faunce on July 27, “My brother died with tragic suddenness while calling upon an old friend last Thursday afternoon. He had always a warm heart toward Brown University.”