Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Polo was enjoyed briefly and informally in 1931, when a team of Brown students participated with three teams from the 103rd Field Artillery in an exhibition of indoor polo at the Armory of the Mounted Commands on North Main Street on March 21. In a game against the Soixante Quinze artillery team, all of the three Brown horsemen scored, Charles Judd ’32 and John Devlin ’33 one each, and Benton Galef ’34 three times. Their score, 4 1/2, counting a penalty against Devlin, was not enough to prevail against the 8 1/2 of the Soixante Quinze. Polo had been played at least once before at Brown. On May 25, 1916 members of the Rhode Island Cavalry and Battery A teams played a game which was the opening event of Junior Week. One Brown student, Asahel S. Dillon ’17, was a member of the Greens team which was defeated, 4-0, by the Reds.