Encyclopedia Brunoniana

McIntyre Medal

The McIntyre Medal was awarded for the first time in 1989, when President Gregorian, presiding at his first Commencement, made an unscheduled announcement. Pretending to have misplaced the papers he was following, he called on John K. McIntyre ’39, assistant to the president, who stood ready in the front of the audience to help in any emergency. When McIntyre came to his side, the president announced that he was conferring upon him a new medal, just created by the Board of Fellows and called the John K. McIntyre award. The medal, to be given only occasionally, “seeks out only those who are outstanding in their commitment and performance to Brown.” McIntyre had been assistant to six presidents since 1947. In 1967 he became secretary to the Advisory and Executive Committee of the Corporation, and later became secretary of the Board of Fellows.