Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Marston Boat House

Marston Boat House was dedicated on October 7, 1967. The former plant of the Saltesea Packing Company at the foot of Gano Street just south of the Washington Bridge was purchased by the University in 1966 with funds given by Hunter S. Marston ’08. After being remodelled, the boat house, Brown’s first adequate facility for the operation of a competitive rowing program, provided in addition to offices and room for storage of shells on the first floor, the E. John Lownes Jr. Memorial Lounge, furnished by classmates and friends of a former president of the Brown Rowing Association, on the second floor, and a seven-room apartment for the coach on the third floor. In 1970 a 48 by 32 feet rowing tank to accommodate sixteen crew members at one time was erected adjacent to the boat house.