Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Hubris appeared in 1961, with the expectation of being published “quarterly” by St. David’s Press, with this editorial note:

“This magazine was conceived by a bespectacled mermaid extended on a rock off St. David’s Head, a miniscule promontory narrowly asserting itself from the Welsh coast. St. David’s, the smallest city in Great Britain, has a single street punctuated by a great cathedral, one of the finest examples extant of geographical hubris. Our title is Greek for that awkward tragic pride which traditionally precedes a fall, and it testifies to our recognition both of the pomposity and of the usual destiny of ’little magazines.’... Editorially, our commitment is to the quality rather than the specific content of the articles we publish.... In our non-fiction as well as our creative work, we know we are not always presenting answers – but at least we know what the questions are.”
One of the “questions” of the time was an article entitled “The Cuban Achievement,” in the first and only issue of the magazine.