Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Hellcoal Press

.up .bd Hellcoal Press issued the first of the Hellcoal Press Pamphlet Series in March 1968, a pamphlet of four poems by visiting professor Edouard Roditi and Richard Dean Rosen. Named for its founders, Steven Heller ’69 and Christopher Coles ’69. the new publication replaced the failing Literary Magazine of Brown University. Volumes 2 and 3 of the pamphlet series were published by the Brown Literary Board. The pamphlet series continued until 1973. The press also printed individual pamphlets of selected poetry and fiction, including Pound, poems written at a poetry workshop at Tougaloo College in 1968. In addition Hellcoal Annual appeared in 1971, Hellcoal First Edition Series in 1972, Hellcoal Playbook Series in 1973, and Hellcoal Review, a continuation of the Hellcoal Annual in 1978.