Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Geology-Chemistry Research Building

The Geology-Chemistry Research building, popularly known as the “Geo-Chem Building,” occupies almost a full block on George Street. The four and one-half story brick building with chimney-like stacks at each end was built in 1982 at a cost of approximately 17 million dollars. Davis, Brody and Associates and Russo and Sonder were the architects and Gilbane Building Company the builder. At the dedication of the building (held in the Sciences Library because of inclement weather) Frank R. Press, president of the National Academy of Sciences, spoke on the future of scientific research funding. The University had gone ahead and provided the 96 offices and 41,350 square feet of laboratories so badly needed by the two departments, even though only a small amount of the cost had been raised. A sculpture in the lobby of the building by Robert Scofield was dedicated in 1983 by the Chemistry Department to the memory of Professor William T. King.