Encyclopedia Brunoniana


A Flag for the University was designed by Henry L. P. Beckwith ’58 and carried for the first time at the inauguration of President Swearer in 1977. The design represents the shield of the coat of arms of the University spread over the whole surface of the white flag, which contains the red cross and four books of the shield, the books bound in red, edged in gilt, and lined to indicate text. The whole flag is gold fringed to match the other flags which are borne in processions. An earlier flag which was designed by Theodore Francis Green 1887 to be carried at the inauguration of President Barbour in 1929 was made of brown silk with a white shield in the center on which a brown bear rampant displays a flashing red tongue. In 1964 a bicentennial flag bearing the bicentennial emblem, which was sewn by Shirley Morrison ’64, was flown each day beneath the American flag on the College Green.