Encyclopedia Brunoniana


The Editor was published for the first time in the spring of 1958 and sold for 25 cents. The editorial in the first issue announced the reason for the founding of the magazine, “We feel that the generation which has matured since World War II has created a considerable body of writing able to see with the eyes of youth and speak expressively on a number of themes. But there exists no medium sufficiently interested in publishing the work of the dawning writers. ... Our magazine is a joint effort of students at Harvard and Brown. Our emphasis is on the young writing in the college community; our contributors range from the undergraduate to the graduate student to the young faculty member. Whether there will be a second issue depends largely on the reception of the first.” There were only two more issues, the final one printed in the summer of 1959. Stephen Kaye ’59 and Gerald Bunker were the editors. The Editor contained poetry by Charles Philbrick ’44 and Daniel Hughes ’58 Ph.D., poetry and prose by Stephen Oberbeck ’60, and illustrations by Rhode Island School of Design students.